Alves: Don’t play for money or fame, be like Messi

By Isoccer Staff

Dani Alves praised Lionel Messi, emphasising the harmony they both have and the inspiration that the Argentine is for the next generation of football players.

The Brazilian caused widespread controversy through his video post on social media after Barcelona’s Champions League loss to Atletico Madrid.

Before that furore erupted however, he gave an interview to ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’ expressing what Messi brings to the club.

“Messi should be like a mirror for us all because of his high degree of competitiveness, he doesn’t like to lose even in training,” Alves began.

“I advise [future footballers] not to play for money or fame, you have to play for passion.

“If you have a dream you must fight to get where Messi has, he overcame many difficulties to be what he is today.”

During games, the pair have a mutual understanding that has been key to the Catalans’ attacking threat, a connection the Brazilian was keen to point out.

“I know what Messi likes and how he wants to receive the ball at his feet, I always look for him on the pitch to make the difference.

“For me it’s a huge pleasure to play alongside him, I’m happy to be part of his career.

“Our friendship is amazing and we had a very strong connection from the first moment [we met] and I must thank [former Blaugrana player] Sylvinho for helping to bridge the gap between Messi and I.

“We have great respect for each other and our friendship remains both on and off of the pitch.”

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