Arsenal legend Lee Dixon insists the club are ‘unfixable’ under Wenger

By Isoccer Staff

Arsenal legend Lee Dixon believes that his former club can’t fix their problems under Arsene Wenger.

The Gunners were defeated 3-1 by Premier League leaders Manchester City on Sunday, leaving them 12 points adrift of Pep Guardiola’s men already after just 11 matches.

Arsenal failed to convince once again in defence against one of their Premier League rivals at the Etihad Stadium on the weekend.

And these defensive issues are continuing to concern former Arsenal right-back Dixon, who claims Wenger doesn’t know how to properly set up his players when they don’t have possession of the ball.

Dixon told BBC: ‘I honestly think they’re unfixable under Arsene. What he’s got there is he’s created an environment which the players don’t really know what they’re doing without the ball.

‘It’s quite simple – when I watch them I think “they could beat anyone on their day going forward, but they could lose to anyone defensively”.

‘That summed it up at the weekend against City. The Lacazette thing is another issue, as to why he’s not playing, but you play Sanchez up front, who is a chaser of the ball; if he loses the ball then he’ll chase to win it back.

‘If you’ve got that, as a manager, you have to have the players to go and back that up, and he didn’t have that. He hasn’t got that because they don’t know how to do that on a regular basis – they are not a pressing side.

‘They do it now and again – they did it against Chelsea, they got it right against Chelsea in the cup final and in the league, and you think “wow, they’re back”.

‘And then they fall again like they did against Watford, and then you see them trying to press Man City, one of the best passing sides in the league. How is that allowed to happen?

‘If you’re not a pressing side, then you have to press for months and years at a time in order to get it right, it’s really difficult. It’s not just a case of “you all just rush to the ball”.

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