Moses Kpakor
MOSES KPAKOR, with five gold medal, one silver and two bronze medals, is aruably one of the most decorated players […]Read more
Mutiu Adepoju
MUTIU ADEPOJU, popularly called ‘Headmaster’ is one of Nigeria’s most prolific midfield goalscorers who reached the dizzying heights with the […]Read more
Friday Ekpo
FRIDAY EKPO bestrode the Nigerian football scene of the 1980s like a collosus and was arguably one of the most […]Read more
Abiodun Baruwa
ABIODUN BARUWA was the maverick goalkeeper who held Nigerians spell-bound in the mid-90s with his spectacular performances for 3SC and […]Read more
Olumide Harris
OLUMIDE HARRIS played himself into the history books when he became the highest goalscorer in the Nigerian league in 1994 […]Read more
Etim Esin
When David Beckam got injured in April 2002 prior to the FIFA World Cup, England went numbed and an anxious […]Read more
Henry Nwosu
HENRY NWOSU holds the record of being the youngest ever Nigerian player to win the African Nations Cup when he […]Read more
Dimeji Lawal
DIMEJI LAWAL was the lightning-quick dashing winger who terrorised defenders in the 1980s with Nigerian youth teams to FIFA competitions […]Read more