Hiddink warns against preventing Leicester from Champions League with Super League

By Isoccer Staff

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has warned against the exclusivity of a potential European Super League at a time when leaders Leicester City have emerged as unlikely favourites to win the Premier League.

A report by The Sun claimed executives from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United held talks around establishing a European Super League at discussions hosted by American billionaire Stephen Ross’ company Relevent Sports on Tuesday.

In Hiddink’s Friday media conference ahead of Chelsea’s meeting with Stoke City on Saturday, a club media official clarified the meeting was predominantly about the pre-season International Champions Cup, which is operated by Relevent Sports.

But prior to the press officer’s intervention, Hiddink said: “I think we must all be careful to go into exclusivity when teams like Leicester are mixing in.

“They have the full right to be recognised, they are next contestants for next year’s Champions League.”

Asked if the Premier League’s elite clubs have been startled by Leicester’s rise to the top of the table and the impressive performances of Tottenham and West Ham, Hiddink replied: “I hope so.

“That’s real sport. What sport is all about – lower clubs knocking on the door.

“I don’t know what has been discussed – but football is for all.”

Pressed on the same topic, Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri said: “People must think what the fans want, not about money.

“If something strange happen [in the Premier League]. It’s not to blame the little teams. They must blame themselves.”

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