Howard Webb calls for video technology after Sterling penalty controversy

By Isoccer Staff

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb believes that video technology would have helped clear up any confusion of the controversy during Tottenham‘s draw with Manchester City.

Spurs fought back from 2-0 down at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday evening with second half goals from Dele Alli and Son Heung-min.

However, there was massive controversy shortly before Son equalised as Kyle Walker pushed Raheem Sterling from behind as the Englishman raced through on goal.

Despite the clear push, Sterling stayed on his feet inside the penalty area and hit a soft shot at Hugo Lloris’ goal – and Webb believes video technology would have cleared up the incident after massive debate post-match.

“You will see the push incident on Sterling and see that it should have been a penalty and red card,” Webb said live on BT Sport.

“Maybe again it’s another case for some form of technology to come in so we can go back to Andre in that situation and say, ‘Stop the game, that’s a penalty and a red card’. Not because it’s one of those marginal calls — we saw earlier Sterling go down with [Victor] Wanyama.

“That’s a marginal call and some people will think that should be a penalty. On balance I thought it wasn’t but you can make a case both ways.”

Many fans and ex-players all displayed their belief that Sterling should have gone down, won a penalty and seen Walker sent off, which would potentially have won all three points for City.

Meanwhile, some thought that he was right to stay on his feet and keep the game fair, though video technology during the game could have resolved any debate straight away.

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