Madrid remain world’s most valuable club as SIX Premier League clubs make top 10

By Isoccer Staff

Real Madrid remain the world’s most valuable football team, according to Forbes’ list for 2016.

The La Liga giants are currently worth a staggering £2.49billion as they top the list for the fourth consecutive year.

Los Blancos are now the second most valuable sports team in the world, behind the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

Barcelona come in second, valued at £2.42billion, as the Spanish giants continue to dominate their European rivals.

Manchester United are the highest Premier League club on the list, valued at £2.28billion.

The valuations are calculated by equity plus net debt, with the revenue and operating income figures taken from the 2014/15 season.

The Red Devils’ revenue stands at an impressive £432m, although that would likely increase for the current campaign due to their Champions League involvement.

A further five English clubs are in the top 10 – Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham.

West Ham and Newcastle are also in the top 20, alongside some of European football’s biggest names.

According to the valuations, the top 20 teams are worth an average of £0.99billion – an increase of 24% from last year – largely driven by new lucrative TV deals.

Club                Value (bn)      Year change    Revenue        Operating income

1 Real Madrid           £2.49                12%             £479m                  £112m
2 Barcelona              £2.42                 12%             £466m                 £75m
3 Man United          £2.28                  7%              £432m                 £131m
4 Bayern Munich    £1.85                  14%            £394m                 £41m
5 Arsenal                  £1.39                  54%            £362m                 £84m
6 Man City               £1.33                  40%            £385m                 £90m
7 Chelsea                  £1.11                   21%            £348m                 £17m
8 Liverpool              £1.07                  58%            £325m                 £79m
9 Juventus               £0.89                 55%            £269m                 £56m
10 Tottenham         £0.70                  69%           £214m                  £50m

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