Maradona reunited with son Diego for first time in 13 years

By Isoccer Staff

Argentina legend Diego Maradona has been reunited with his estranged son for the first time in 13 years.

The 55-year-old kissed Diego Junior, 29, on the cheek after enjoying a meal together in Buenos Aires.

Maradona had a brief relationship with Jr’s mother, Cristina Sinagra, in late 1985 while he played in Italy for Napoli.

The emotional reunion of Maradona and his son was organised by his girlfriend, Rocio Oliva, who got the pair to meet for dinner.

It is thought to be the first time the pair have met each other since 2003 when they met at a golf tournament.

Maradona was officially named as Jr’s father by an Italian court after the former footballer refused to take a DNA court.

Also attending the dinner was Maradona’s daughter Jana, 20, who was also left estranged by her father for years despite the court fight from her mum Valeri Sabalain to force him to recognise her as his.



Maradona and Junior are joined by Delma, another one of the footballer’s daughters


Jana, who uses Maradona’s surname, only met with her father in a secret meeting two years ago in Buenos Aires.

“I’m very happy because I’ve been reunited with my son,” said Maradona on the meeting.

“I’ve been reunited with him as I was reunited with Jana.

“I love him a lot and he’s very like me.”

Maradona gave his son a kiss on the cheek as journalists waited outside of the venue.



Maradona planted a kiss on the cheek of his son as media gathered


The 55-year-old also has two daughters – Dalma, 29, and Giannina, 27 – with ex-wife Claudia Villafane and a three-year-old son, Diego Fernando, with former love interest Veronica Ojeda.

He could yet have more children, however, as two further women have filed paternity claims against Maradona which have yet to be accepted in court.

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