Neuer brands Hertha Berlin keeper ‘frustrated’ after sparking post-match brawl in 1-1 draw

By Richard Johnson


Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has hit out at Hertha Berlin counterpart Rune Jarstein after the Norwegian sparked a brawl in Saturday’s 1-1 Bundesliga draw in the German capital.
Jarstein was unable to contain his frustration after conceding a 96th-minute equaliser and angrily kicked the ball away after Rober Lewandowski’s goal, hitting Xabi Alonso in the process.
Bayern players reacted furiously to the incident and Neuer feels the 32-year-old set a bad example with his unsporting behaviour.
“It is just not right to shoot the ball at a player on purpose, no matter how frustrated you are,” Neuer told the German Football Association website. “It is about fairness.
“It does not set a good example as a role model. The stadium was sold out and many viewers were watching the game on TV. I think it was understandable that we complained about that.”
Carlo Ancelotti’s side saw their advantage at the top of the table cut to five points when RB Leipzig won 2-1 at Borussia Monchengladbach on Sunday.


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