Ronaldo’s sister says a ‘god’ cannot be beaten following five-match ban

By Isoccer Staff

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister claims it is necessary to “overcome a god” if you want to beat him after he was given a five-match suspension for pushing the referee in the Supercopa de Espana against Barcelona.

Ronaldo took to social media to express how unhappy he was at the ban and now his sister Katia Aveiro has come out and done similarly.

She went on Instagram to upload an image of Ronaldo celebrating his goal against Barcelona accompanied by the caption below.

“They will have to bring down a god in order to destroy you and because nobody can bring god down they will have to sit frustrated and wait. When you return after these five matches that they unfairly gave you, you will have a force that has not been seen before. If they think that they have seen your true strength then they are mistaken… the work is in construction… justice is on its way.”

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