Rooney taunts angry Man City fans after scoring for Everton

By Isoccer Staff

Wayne Rooney bagged his 200th Premier League goal on Monday night against Manchester City, and in doing so provided a certain section of the Etihad stadium with a painful case of deja vu.

The English striker roared in front of the home fans after putting his side ahead, taunting them by putting his hands to his ears and, inevitably, the City supporters inside the stadium didn’t take well to his actions.

Photographers were on hand to capture Rooney celebrating in front of the same section of terrace as he did in 2012 when hitting the back of the net for United, with a mixture of anger, despair and frustration painted across the faces of City fans.

After Rooney netted for United in 2012 in their 3-2 win over their neighbours, City fans were seen abusing him as he celebrated with his team-mates.

And after scoring on Monday, the response from the home fans, two in particular, was exactly the same. An older man and a younger supporter, sitting next to each other, reacted in the same fashion compared to how they did in 2012.

In both photos, five years apart, the older supporter is seen shouting out at Rooney while the younger fan can be seen looking angrily at the former United forward.

Another supporter could even be seen displaying exactly the same fingers up gesture, his face contorted into an identical replica of disguise after seeing Rooney score against his beloved side yet again.

Following the final whistle on Monday night, the 31-year-old taunted the angry City fans, writing on Twitter alongside a photo of himself celebrating: ‘Always nice to see a few familiar faces.’

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