UK Labour party leader suggests the Queen is an Arsenal fan

By Isoccer Staff

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has playfully suggested that the Queen might be an Arsenal fan as he paid tribute to the monarch on her 90th birthday.Speaking in the House of Commons, Corbyn revealed a little known history between the Queen and the Gunners, of whom he’s known to be a fierce supporter.

The Queen was meant to open Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in 2006, but was forced to pull out of the event with injury, a fate (Corbyn joked) that had afflicted many Arsenal players since, but would then invite the squad to Buckingham Palace in an apology for her absence.

He told the Commons: “In 2006, she was due to open the new Emirates stadium in my constituency but had to pull out due to an injury.

“Unfortunately Mr Speaker, this is a fate that has afflicted far too many of Arsenal’s squad in subsequent years. So we must congratulate her on her prescience.

“As the Queen could not attend the opening they [the Arsenal squad] were invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.”

Since this visit, Corbyn explains, Arsenal fans have held out hope that the Queen is in fact, an Arsenal fan.

He continued: “Now we know the Queen is absolutely above politics, she may be above football too, but many locals harbour this quiet, secret view that she’s actually, privately, a Gooner.”

Corbyn and other Arsenal fans will be hoping their side can deliver the Queen a present in the form of a victory on her 90th birthday – the Gunners host West Brom at the Emirates on Thursday evening.

A victory will see them reclaim third place from Manchester City and more importantly, move closer to securing a place in the Champions League for next season.

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