Wenger: Don’t worry I won’t stay long at Arsenal like Sir Alex Ferguson

By Isoccer Staff

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not expect to match Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26-year spell as manager in the top flight in England, as the Frenchman closes in on the 20th anniversary of his arrival in north London.

Ferguson retired in 2013 as Man Utd manager after winning two Champions League trophies and 13 Premier League titles, but the Scot very rarely felt such pressure from the stands as Wenger did at the weekend.

During his side’s 1-0 win over Norwich City at the Emirates Stadium, plenty of supporters present displayed banners telling Wenger to leave after failing to win the title again this season.

And while acknowledging he has not pleased 100% of the fan base this season, Wenger stated he does not see himself staying at Arsenal for another six years to match Ferguson’s reign at Man United.

Wenger told post-match reporters: “I give my best for this club. You don’t spend 19 years at a club – like Sir Alex Ferguson spent 26 [years] – without every minute of your time, you give your whole life for that and try to do as well as possible.

“One target is to keep 100 per cent of people happy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that this season.”

When asked if the Frenchman – who has been at Arsenal for 20 years now – was thinking about matching Ferguson’s 26-year reign at United, he said: “No, no, never. Don’t worry.”

Arsenal currently sit third in the Premier League after collecting their 19th win of the season at the weekend, moving three points ahead of Manchester City.

A disappointing campaign will likely see them finish just behind Tottenham Hotspur, though a late-season collapse from their north London rivals could see Wenger’s side leapfrog Mauricio Pochettino’s, which would, at the very least, appease some of the supporters who have been calling for his head.

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