Guardiola says he’s blown away when watching Man City

By Isoccer Staff


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes his side have the ‘wow’ factor but admits there is much to improve on.

Guardiola is enjoying a superb start to his second season in charge of City.

His side are top of the Premier League after winning six out of their first seven games.

The 46-year-old masterminded a 1-0 away victory over Chelsea before the international break.

It was after the game with Antonio Conte’s men that Guardiola was able to reflect on his side’s performance and he was impressed.

‘I saw before the international break, the games against Chelsea and after the game, I said ‘wow, we look good’ and then I saw the game back and said “wow, we have a lot to improve”,’ he said at Manchester City’s ‘Evening with Manager’ night, presented by Betsafe.

‘It is true that it’s a better team than the year before and it is better than the month before which is a good sign and hopefully by the end of the season we will be better than we are now.’

Guardiola hasn’t just gained reputation for his style of football since arriving in England but also for his manner on the touchline.

He admits he doesn’t quite understand why he is as animated as he sometimes appears.

He added: ‘At a game, it is ridiculous what I do because it makes no sense, the players don’t hear me.

‘It is a moment when I am so nervous and so worried about what’s happening, I have to explode but hopefully in the future when I am older, I can control myself.

‘In the beginning of the season, I thought ‘okay Pep, this year you will be calm’ and I think that this year I am improving, even just a little.’

The only thing that he believes he has knowingly changed from his days at Bayern Munich and Barcelona is what he wears at a game. Putting on a suit is no longer part of the City manager’s matchday routine.

‘Before I go to the stadium, I call my wife and my eldest daughter, always,’ he said. ‘

‘Before it was always the suit, my wife chose one suit every day but this year I decided to have no more suits, it is more comfortable. I don’t have any more rituals, only the phone call to my wife.’

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