Mourinho takes swipe at ‘defensive’ Liverpool and brags Man United controlled Anfield draw

By Isoccer Staff

Jose Mourinho took a swipe at Liverpool as he insisted it was THEIR fault this epic Anfield showdown turned into a bore draw.

Manchester United had the lowest possession stats they’ve ever recorded in the Premier League with just 35 per cent after a fairly dour defensive affair.

But their maverick boss turned his fire on opposite number Jurgen Klopp by claiming in typically perverse fashion it was he who was more negative.

Asked about the lowest possession stats since they first started being recorded back in 2003, he snapped back: “Look last season United won here, Liverpool had 14 shots on target and United had one.

“How many shots on target did Liverpool have today, Two? So two shots with 65 percent possession – you have to be critical because that’s their problem, it’s not our problem.”

And Mourinho claimed that for all the plaudits aimed at Klopp for his attacking style, the Liverpool manager was in fact scared of United’s counter-attacking threat, and so played with two holding midfielders.

“They played Can and Henderson for some reason (sitting) and they did that for 90 mins. They normally project more players in attack but they were very cautious,” he said.

“You like to say they are the eighth wonder in the world as an attacking team, but they are also a team who defends and like to think defensively, with two in there. I think it was their intention to try and control us. But we controlled the game tactically, and we controlled the game emotionally.”

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